World Information Architecture Day

Our Call for Cities is now closed.

Thanks to the 86 applicants that applied this year!

Applicant cities

86 people applied on behalf of 72 cities from 38 countries. Check out all cities below.


Addis Abeba, Ethiopia
Johannesburg, South Africa
Kampala, Uganda
Kigali, Rwanda
Nairobi, Kenya


Bangalore, India
Depok, Indonesia
Hyperabad, India
Metro Manila, Philippines
Shenzhen, China
Wellington, New Zealand
Tokyo, Japan


Barcelona, Spain
Bari, Italy
Bristol, United Kingdom
Brno, Czech Republic
Canterbury, Kent, United Kingdom
Copenhagen, Denmark
Ghent, Belgium
Jönköping, Sweden
Kyiv, Ukraine
Ljubljana, Slovenia
London, United Kingdom
Lyon, France
Palermo, Italy
Pescara, Italy
Prague, Czech Republic
Rome, Italy
Saint Petersburg, Russia
Stockholm, Sweden
Zürich, Switzerland

Latin America

Lima, Peru
Mendoza, Argentina
Mexico City, Mexico
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
São Paulo, Brazil
San José, Costa Rica

Middle East

Beirut, Lebanon
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Istanbul, Turkey
Tehran, Iran

US & Canada

Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
Austin, Texas, USA
Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA
Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA
Chicago, Illinois, USA
Dallas, Texas, USA
Denver, Colorado, USA
Des Moines, Iowa, USA
Kent, Ohio, USA
Lansing, Michigan, USA
Houston, Texas, USA
Los Angeles, California, USA
Miami, Florida, USA
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
New York, New York, USA
Ottawa, Canada
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Phoenix, Arizona, USA
Portland, Oregon, USA
Richmond, Virginia, USA
Seattle, Washington, USA
San Antonio, Texas, USA
San Francisco, California, USA
Tampa, Florida, USA
Toronto, Canada
Washington, DC, USA

About 2016

This year, we're turning five. We're growing up!

And with growth, means change. Here are two things we're doing differently this year...

  • We've added "Regional Directors" to our team. Areas with dense amounts of cities have been allocated a "Regional Director", in order to better align cultural interests and coordinate meetings within timezones.
  • We're maintaining last year's style. We're spending some time reflecting on our brand this year. That means we're not changing colors nor redesigning the logo. For last year's organizers who appreciate environmental sustainability, we even recommend putting to use last year's excess printed materials.

About our next steps

There are nine months until World IA Day. Each month there will be mini-milestones for the organizers.

Here's an insight into some of our key next steps:

  1. We'll select official cities. We're evaluating organizer applications and identifying next year's events. We'll announce the "official" cities soon!
  2. We'll select a theme. We are crafting ideas and will open voting in July, announcing the theme in August.
  3. We'll build our website. We're in the midst of getting a brand new World IA Day website, where people can learn more about the history of the event and where we're celebrating this year.

About the World IA Day Global Team

World IA Day is jointly produced by a network of global and regional volunteers, with support from members of the IAI Board. We're all here to help local leaders in their World IA Day organizing journey.

Feel free to reach out to us on our official e-mail or to members directly via Twitter.

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